The Little Things

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Some times, it is the little things in life≤

I first got a 3D printer in 2017, and like most 3D printers just downloaded items from Thingiverse and printed them out. From this I learned the basics of printing. Then I started to design things with OpenSCAD. From there I moved to Autodesk Fusion. With those skills I now design things that I would never find for sale on Amazon or anywhere else. And this is where the real fun of being a maker has kicked in as I design things and then either 3D print them, laser them, or CNC them. I go from idea to done in under an hour and slowly make my life better.

My most recent project takes the prize for best ratio of time to satisfaction.


I have a garage door opener on the wall that has seen a lot of use over the years

this is a placeholder image
This is a figure caption.

Unfortunately it has become very difficult to press. One option would be to spend $24.99 on
Amazon and I could have a replacement tomorrow at 7 AM. Which by itself is pretty quick.

However I was able to change it from requiring a difficult push to having a feather trigger with a quick 7 minute print.

// the design in fusion // the render // attached // first contribution to thingiverse